On-page optimization services

On-Page Optimization

We are the one of the fastest growing SEO company in India with a large number of happy and satisfied customers. Our main focus is on the services we provide in our SEO products. We have always been successful in surpassing the expectation of our customers. Our expert team accomplishes your top ranking dreams in the most outstanding and cost effective way.

On-Page SEO Factors

  • Title Tag
    Title tag is an important component for SEO and it indicates the title of each page in your website. Thus a unique and easy understandable title-tag is neccessary. Title tags are formed with help of keywords in the website and no duplications are permitted. If there is duplicate title tag it affects for Search Engine Optimization.
  • Meta Description
    Your page requires an overall description which will help customers or visitors to rate you. Our expert team will help you to create the meta description that makes your website attractive and informative. Duplicate description kills the quality and ranking of website, thus resulting in a bad SEO. We assure you our unique and best quality descriptions.
  • Meta Keywords
    These are the keywords included on your website. Years back, meta keyword tag was the key element in SEO. Today it is used for integrating the website components. Thus it posses an additional advantage.
  • Heading Tags
    Heading tags are an important component in SEO. To maximise the website SEO capability, must include h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 tags in your website. For better optimization we use only one h1 tag and multiple sub heading tags.
  • URL Structure
    A good SEO demands SEO friendly website. We have an efficient team to make your website SEO friendly through including keywords to the URLs and make your website simple.
  • Quality Content
    The foundation of SEO is website content and text. Tbis is the main focus of google roborts. If you have copied or duplicate contents on your website, google penalize you. Our content writers are capable enough to fill your website with the most attractive and exact content, thus making it SEO friendly.
  • Internal Links
    It is important to link your website by using correct path and text. If a customer visit your website, clicks on a link and finds a wrong page loaded, it will damage the customers trust on the website. So it is a task of utmost care to set the link.
  • Image Alt Tag
    It is neccessary for each image to contain an alt tag. This tag is a cofactor to SEO. Our team will help you to give the right alt tag for all your images.
  • Sitemap
    Sitemap contains the all the URLs of your website to help robots to crawl website. It enables structured listings intended for webcrawlers such as google bots. Our team help you to generate sitemap for your website.
  • Robots File
    It is a text file intended to instruct search engine robots to crawl pages on the website. In other words, they are programs that traverse the web automatically. Our team will help you create robots.txt file to enable agent crawling.
  • Loading Time
    Loading time is yet another most considered factor in SEO. Faster website loading provides a pleasant experience to website visitors or internet users. There are many factors on which loading time depends. Our team helps you to optimize loading time of your website.
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