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Increase Organic Search With App Store Optimization Service

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing the App for achieving higher App ranking in the App Store. ASO is similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but the difference is only that ASO is for Application and SEO is for Website. In other words, it is called an App Store SEO. ASO is a rather recent specialty in the world of digital marketing, because never before has the app market distended to such a size that it’s become possible and necessary for businesses to exploit and use definitive marketing factors to bring their app to the top. We are here to utilize those marketing factors to boost your application, increase brand visibility, multiply your download numbers and bring you as top of your category as possible. Enhance your visibility with our App Marketing Services.

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Get your Apps Optimized by ASO Services from the ASO Company Kerala

As an experienced agency, we have been providing ASO services to our clients for a long period of time. We are happy to guarantee that when you work with us, your business graph will rise like never before. We select relevant keywords for the app and then use them to our advantage so that it appears at the top of the App Store or Play Store whenever a user searches for it using the same or comparable keywords. Our experienced enhancing team will create content for releases and media appearances. These tactics also raise your app's rating and increase its visibility.

Leading App Store Optimization Services in India

Mobile applications rank higher in the app store's search results when they are optimised for the app store (ASO). Apps created for many platforms, such as Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry, and other cross-platform apps, benefit from increased visibility. ASO enhances mobile apps' search engine ranking and visibility in the app store. With regard to app store optimisation (ASO), Mikano offers the best-in-class services that improve your mobile apps' rank and increase downloads.

Our App Store Optimization Services

As an ASO company, we offer a complete range of ASO services to help improve the visibility and ranking of your mobile applications to boost visits and downloads in the store.

  • Keyword Research for ASO: We inherently understand that both the Google Play store and the IOS App Store have different approaches to ASO. The App Store allows 100 characters while the Play Store allows 4000 characters to determine search results. We use proprietary tools to understand the language and keywords your customers are searching for, your competitors are targeting, and the ones that will drive the most traffic.
  • App Title: The most important part of ASO, the App name or title, needs to be a balance between uniqueness, branding, and relevant keywords that drive search results. We recommend short titles, followed by a dash or vertical bar and select keywords for description.
  • App Description: An app’s description should function as a call-to-action - describing what the app does clearly, its features, and compelling reasons to download it. Simple, concise and updated descriptions will drive downloads.
  • App Reviews & Ratings: The most important factor in app rankings is volume and quality of reviews and ratings- encourage ratings and reviews from happy customers, either through prompts or incentives. We help analyses your existing reviews, increase the volume of positive- sentiment ratings, and leverage feedback to improve ASO.
  • App Logo: First impression matters, an attention-grabbing logo in bright colors, unique shape is a key part of your app’s branding. The logo should be descriptive, bright and easily recognizable.
  • App Screenshots:Including screenshots and videos allow potential users to visualize your App and will drive download. Highlight the best parts of your app, its most popular pages, and its key features - this is your window display to the world.
  • App Publisher Name:App searchability is based on Publisher name and reputation - choose a publisher name that describes the types of apps you create compactly.
  • App Category:In the IOS App Store, you can pick a primary and secondary category for your app while in the Google Play Store, you can only pick one. Choosing a relevant category is extremely important to success.
  • Download & Retention:Post download, app engagement and retention are the next challenges to work on. Introducing incentivisation, adding personalization, asking and acting on user feedback, as well as frequent updates to the app will be value additions to the lifecycle of the app.