How does my website developed? Step by step process

Do you know how does a website developed even if you own a website? Its not that important to know how your website has made when you have paid for that but isn’t that cool to know when someone throw you a question about it? It is not that complex to understand how a website is made until you want to create one of yourself. When we explain it simple it is as same as building something, we need to make a base then we build on it and then we will design it. The same happens in web development as well. Let us see how does it work.

Giving you an address

Registering your domain name is the address of your website and you will known to others in this address. Domain name is the one address that keeps you unique from other website. You can choose your website domain name but it should be unique and there shouldn’t be any other website with the same name. The domain name will be as and you can choose to keep domain names as .com, .net or .org as availability.

Providing you a place

Once we choose the domain name the next step is to decide where to host your website. Host is a service that stores your website and allows to accessible in World Wide Web. This is a process of renting or leased server space to use our website. The space is selected as per the company requirements. We need to keep more space for an e-Commerce website and less space for a one page website. Hosting a website will be done only after completing the development.

Creating website content

Creating a website content is important to keep your work simple and accessible by the customers. Customers visiting your website should get all the information that they are searching for and should not get frustrated by reading a lengthy paragraph. Home page of the website should contain your business name, what you do and how you differ from others. Like this other pages should be organized with the details that the customers need.

Designing your website

Web design is the most important part in web development. Designing a creative logo and a theme that suits the logo is an important thing. Every customer visiting your website should get impressed with the design and this will trigger your first pitch to your business. When we have a mind blowing website, every customer visiting your website will be like ‘ Wow’ and this makes a positive thought in their mind. Simple and catchy design always keep us to be remembered.

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