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The term ERP refers to Enterprise Resource Planning and when you search online for ERP, you will get overwhelming information on the same, which can be a little bit confusing. The implementation of ERP can vary from one software provider to other and this difference highlights the flexibility of the ERP system, which makes it a much powerful tool for businesses. These systems have a strategic value for any of the businesses out there, as it can help streamline the various processes like procurement, manufacture, services, finance, sales, and human resources management.

The core of every ERP system is a shared database that support many functionalities used by the various units of the business. This means that the staffs of a business in the different departments, like sales and accounting, will be able to rely on the same group of information to meet their specific requirements. Using ERP software in business will also provide some degree of synchronizing in automation and reporting. Without ERP systems in place, your staff will have to maintain different spreadsheets and databases, which need to be merged manually to make reports.

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We at Mikano offer ERP solutions that will allow your employees to pull the reports from a single system. In addition, some of the ERP systems also include a dashboard or a portal that can help employees to quickly understand the performance of the business based on many important metrics. These days ERP systems has grown to integrate business intelligence (BI), while at the same time handling some of the front office functions such as marketing automation, and automation of e-commerce and marketing. With these advancements in the ERP systems, more and more businesses are on their way to ERP adoption.

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Even though the “E” in ERP refers to enterprise, many small and midsized businesses are now making use of the ERP system. The introduction of Software-as-a-service systems, called as “cloud computing,” has helped in increasing the popularity of the ERP system. Integration of solutions based on cloud computing to ERP systems have made them more affordable, as these solutions make implementing and managing the systems very easy. Even more important is the business intelligence and real time reporting of the cloud based ERP systems, as they offer valuable insights into the performance of the business.

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