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Mikano is a leading company that offers efficient Android development. We understand that designing mobile app for one of the most successful mobile platform in the world is a highly responsible and ambitious job. Almost all of the mobile app development companies across the globe will offer a working Android app, but we can offer the best Android app for you.

We understand that developing an Android app needs dedication, expertise and above all passion. When you share your idea of an Android app with us, we invest our expertise and quality time to offer you the best possible results. The apps that we create offer many features to help our clients implement many marketing strategies through the apps. The complete native and customized app development offered by us can boost the value of your business to put you much ahead of your competitors.


We basically follow two approaches in building the Android apps. They are:


The term Native Android apps refer to the apps specific to the Android platform and make use of the language like Google Material, Android Studio, and Java, supported by the platform. To develop the native Android apps, it is imperative to use development tools that are supported by Android and we are experts in many of these development tools. Owing to the best access to Android specific features and hardware, these apps perform well in the Android operating system.

Android application Development

Hybrid Android apps are those that are developed making use of the standard web design technologies JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. After composing the final code, it is wrapped in a native container and then shipped in the form of a regular Android app. The approach of Hybrid Android development is usually referred to as “Write Once Run Anywhere” approach, as the same piece of code can be used in many platforms, not just Android.

Both of the approaches discussed above have their own advantages and disadvantages. Our expert Android development team can help you choose the approach that best suits your mobile app. At Mikano, we offer Android apps that feature stunning designs, glitch free functionality, and real-time responsiveness. Apart from developing the apps, we also provide:

Our satisfied client base always inspires us to become the top mobile app development company. Therefore, we offer our clients the chance to utilize the potential of our expert Android developers. Why wait, get in touch with us to give wings to all your dreams about Android apps.

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